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The X of Fici [‘fitʃi] is about rediscovering your passions, building the life you want, and following your heart on a spiritual journey to freedom.

It’s about standing up for what you believe in, embracing the imperfections and impermanence of life. We all dream of riding something unique and authentic, seeking autonomy and the ability to be true to our own souls. Let’s ride free and be true to ourselves as we explore the world and all it has to offer.


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It is never just a ride...

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Feeding our passion and soul


mood of the moment

Falling back on a slightly older album by hardcore band Turnstil – Glow. Uplifting energy, great riffs and rythmic breaks. 


lastest discovery

S-Porter is a dark beer from Fietsklubke Goirle.

Brewed at Stadsbrouwerij Tilburg, S-Porter is a Baltic Porter with full taste of dark beer with hints of dark fruit.


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we found...kali

Kali is a comic beautifully illustrated by Robert Sammelin. A comic that reads like an exciting movie.